Ruth Bakke was born in Bergen in 1947. She began her studies at Bergen Music Conservatory and the University of Oslo. After having passed her exams in organ and music theory, she left for the USA with a Fulbright Grant. During the years 1968-1972 she studied at Converse College (S.C.), Texas Lutheran College (University), University of Redlands (CA), and Washington State University. After having received a Masters Degree, she spent one more year of studies in the US before she returned to Norway. Since 1973 she has worked as an organist and choir director in Bergen. She has also taught music theory at Bergen Teacher’s Training College and Bergen Music Conservatory. She has composed a large amount of church and chamber music as well as working with multimedia and with symphony orchestra etc. Several of her works have been commissioned. Central works in her production are the bassoon concerto “Illuminations” and “Chromocumuli” (Color clouds) for symphony orchestra. Those titles reveal an important effect in her works: she regards color – and rhythm – as playing central parts in her compositions. She is also composing electronic music, such as “Dolorosa” for an art exhibition In St Petersburg and “Body & Soul” (with percussion & live electronics) for an art exhibition with Andres Serrano. She is particularly interested in improvisation – an art she is practicing quite often in her duty as an organist as well as in concerts. She has held several concerts in the US, performing her own compositions together with local musicians, particularly in Texas, e g at Texas Lutheran University, in San Antonio and in other Texan cities, as well as in Seattle and New Orleans.

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